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Name: Loy Thomas ;

Date of Birth: 12 June 1986
Age: 22
Work Work Work..
Travelling to Taiwan is one of my dream
Getting a driving license

Just in case you didn't know, my birthday is on 12th June. So you know what you should do ;D

My Interest is playing sports games like soccer, badminton, basketball.
Occupation: Currently in the Police force

My dream is to own a car
Get Marry by the age of 28 or 29


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Saturday, July 18, 2009 | 9:40 PM

It has been ard 6 mths since I had last blog.. I have left this blog vacant due to many unforeseen reasons... Nothing much happened during this 6 mths and I am 23 now...Work..work..and more work..Sleep..Sleep and more sleep..I think that's my lifestyle for the past 6 months..=) Okay Tt's for all...

讓我照顧你 - 張芸京

你一個人失了魂 清晨哭到夜深
不要別人問 我不出聲 一直等
聽你說你心疼 當時好傻 好天真
如果可以我願意 這樣陪你到永恆

讓我照顧你 面對再大的風雨
也能微笑做自己 像個孩子 躺在我懷裡
讓我照顧你 在這荒蕪世界裡
就算有新的劇情 在明天等著你
然而在你最需要的此刻 請讓我輕撫你

總有一天會有人 一個懂你的人 
如果可以我願意 這樣陪你到永恆

讓我照顧你 面對再大的風雨
也能微笑做自己 像個孩子 躺在我懷裡
讓我照顧你 在這荒蕪世界裡
就算有新的劇情 在明天等著你
然而在你最需要的此刻 請讓我照顧你

你看破了虛偽 拆穿愛的假面
我會在你身邊 當你傷心欲絕

讓我照顧你 面對再大的風雨
也能微笑做自己 像個孩子 躺在我懷裡
讓我照顧你 在這荒蕪世界裡
就算有新的劇情 在明天等著你
當你對這世界失去信任 請讓我照顧你

I will always love you eventhough it's not easy to love you;
because I will always do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 | 10:58 PM


开门 关门 出门


假如可以抱紧你 不再离去

是否能走到最后 一起
是否能重新选择 不再放弃


吃个饭 喝点酒

假如可以抱紧你 不再离去

是否能走到最后 一起

假如可以抱紧你 不再离去

假如懂得失去前 学会珍惜

I will always love you eventhough it's not easy to love you;
because I will always do.

Saturday, January 03, 2009 | 1:19 AM

It is 2009 now..It has been 5 months or so since I last updated my blog..This 5 months plus really is up and downs...Happy time files so fast, while sad time approaching me... After I had read her blog, I drop tears..I know that I still love her, but somehow or rather my mind already ask me to give up.. I cannot stand how she treat me.. I cannot stand someone controlling me when I wish to be with my friends..I don like the ways I need to explain so many things when I feel there is no need to..There are so many displeasure..However one things for sure, I still love her..But I know to give up is the only way that both can have their happiness..Just like my ex do...

Our story end here..01/12/2007 to 25/12/2008...

That's the end...

I will always love you eventhough it's not easy to love you;
because I will always do.

Monday, August 18, 2008 | 7:55 PM


This is a touching song..Recently, have been chasing one drama 翻滾吧!蛋炒飯...More update from me soon..=)

一個人走一走 街燈下的路口
握不緊的雙手 不知怎麼形容
已被你擊退的我 不知道該往哪躲

面對面跟我說 你已經不愛我
讓我忘了所有 一個人重新來過
你怎麼那麼從容 怎麼都等不及我回頭

狠心的話 全都講完
剩下的路 各走一半

告訴我 怎麼能忘記你的笑容
告訴我 怎麼做才是普通朋友
假如你用心守候 不會是這個結果
你說的我都懂 我卻不能夠就這樣放手

告訴我 悲傷的時候會想起我
告訴我 你捨得讓我獨自飄泊
有些話說不出口 害怕又犯下了錯

I will always love you eventhough it's not easy to love you;
because I will always do.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008 | 11:41 PM

Since the last post, everything is okay..and we are back together again..We have went to eat Fish and Co. happily, ding dai fung happily..and even celebrated our 7th month anniversary..But what do I or rather is WE get in the end.. Just last saturday..We can say that we end our 7th month relationship over at Ang Mo Kio...But dunno whether is there any chance of us patching back..

To: Esther Chan
Now is my turn and my part to say of my story...

I know sometimes my temper is not good..But I still can withstand 3 times of ur nonsense...Which I know sometimes even 3 times is not enough for U.. Assume and Assume..I sometimes really dunno why all the girl like to assume..Assume that I go out with another girl, when I am working so hard and dun even have times for my frined..Assume this and that when i am really tired after working night shift is one of the worst feeling that I need to take from u..But after all the explaination to U and the words i say to please u, all this I still can forget...

Just last saturday at Vivo..I have read ur blog..Yup..I agreed that I am overboard..But what really make me so angry and to say all the sacarstic remarks and all the action is because of what u did..I only can say that u only say ur side of story..Now this is my side of story..

During our shopping trip at Vivo City, all seems to go well until when we step into Zara..Firstly, I wanna hold ur hand..But u refuse..DO u think what ur action and wad u say is really overboard...But for this I can take it... Secondly, when we continue to shop in zara, and I only jokingly mentioned about something that the staff need to do to clear the mess in the shop, den, u asked me to stop saying all the fei hua can a not...It is just like a slap from u in my mouth, when I am finding ways to please u and joke about...For this I still can stand abit..Even though by den I already feel like shooting my mouth out... Thirdly, Wth..!! Is about what U say about me not giving u any comment when u does ur shopping...This totally make me burst my temper...Not giving u any comment..ARE U REALLY SURE!! I will always give u comment, saying which shirt suit u, but what will u reply me..U will say that all my taste is not nice..That's mean all ur taste is the best..den wth must I give u comment.... This time round, I admitted that I shoot my mouth out saying all the angry things and displeasure things.. I den walk off to Esprit shop...U follow suit..So ..When I walk into the shop, u just came and told me that u dun want to shop at this shop, and wanna to go off liao..This further burst my temper...

Just come to think, all u done is it really too overboard or is it for ur case u will think that it is all the normal things that u have done.. I say all those things and u did mention sorry to me..But will dat please me...Ok..I did see that u cried so much, and that's means that u know dat u are wrong..But what is wrong of me that I say that I wan to go home.. I wan to go home is not becos I wanna be the MUMMYBOY that u say me..I wan to cool myself down so that I can think logically..But U say that by going home, means I am a MUMMYBOY... This further angered me.. Just imagined when I am already so so angry, yet by saying me is a MUMMYBOY, will it help..?? NO..not a single bit at all... I drove all the way from Vivo to Ang Mo Kio and not to ur home is already good..As u mention to me that u does not want to go home..But what u do...Slamming my car door so hard, when I already warn u not to..Just like the last quarrel..U too slam my car door so hard at ur house...Do u think that this will further cool down things..NO..

All this one is not added to the things that U always assume..Assume that I go out with other girl when I am working so hard day and night during my shift..Assume that I am with other girl when I am fetching my colleague home...Assume that I will sms other girl when I did not..Where are all the trust that a gf must give a bf..I feel not at all.. Plus when the day that we meet is just only after my night shift, it make me feel more worst as I will tend to feel tired easily..But wat will u say, U will say that I with my friend I wun feel tired, with u I will feel tired.. But am I correct to say that, most of the off days, I am accompany u..and I have hardly times with my friend..That is true...U can ask all my friend that ask me to go out..I will say I am not free..

Just to say that when U are angry, u also say things insensibly just like I do....U will say that we are not fit to be together at all..and U will say that I am only just a small fry in the police force..So.. I am not "PEI" to be with u..den all the 7 months, u think I dun love u is it... So when we are in a lovely mode, all the not nice things from u will became nice..It is real obvious...Ya ..I admit I am Da Nan Ren..That's mean U are also Da Niu Ren ma...

Just lastly to say..when U say all those angry things that make me angry..Can I be angry to say all those things to throw back at U..I know for ur thinking u will say that all guy have to take what all gals throw at them..But really sorry, I am not that type..

Just the matter about petrol...Do u know how much we have travelled together in my vehicle..If u dun wan to pay, did I ever force u to pay..Not all all..Now, U are complaining and complaining...will this help...I dunno the roadway, and get lost when I am driving, u will say me stupid..Is it the way a gf will treat a bf..

Another things is that u should know by now after 7 months, I hate girl who scold vulgarity, when I dun scold one single vulgarity at all if no one provoke me..But for u, when U are angry..U will say "fuck u", "u this fucker", "u this bastard", this is not all i wan to hear.. U say that I love my ex more den I love u...I should say is totally wrong to assume and think this way..Everyone learn and grow mature in every single way...I can say that I learn alot from my previous r/ship, and I will not end up like the last one..

Lastly, I can say that even if we end in a sour note, what to do..Is not that I choose it..I know what I wan..And I know I still love u..But wad to do..Is all ur choices now..u dun expect me to give in further anymore...Really..I do really love U..but just like I say..Everyone have their own choices..U choose the way and not the way chooses u...That's all for now..

I will always love you eventhough it's not easy to love you;
because I will always do.

Thursday, June 19, 2008 | 1:05 AM

I am really sorry.. Unless u can find a way to save our relationship.. I am really sorry..I know after u read this sentence, u will be thinking why should I be the one saving the relationship...But u should read the below post den u make ur conclusion ok..Just bear it for the last time..Ok..

Quarrel after quarrel, and harsh words after harsh words...Finally make me so fed up till I shoot back harsh words at my "dear", causing me to unable to continue with this relationship any more(if that's the case of ur descion)..I know u will always have ur own reasons, saying that I am in the wrong, I am at fault, that's always will be ur character..I dun blame u..But will a word of sorry really be that difficult to say..I really dun understand how girl think man..Just by saying harsh words will mean that they are only saying qi hua..That's mean that when a guy say harsh words at a girl, can it mean that the guy is also saying qi hua..I know, from a girl preception, it is of cause not...From a girl preception, the girl will normally flare up more den a guy does.. From this paragraph, I know u will continue to flare up even more, U should continue to read the below post..ok..

To: Esther
Just a word of "Stupid" from u can cause so many unpleasant to u and to me..Just a attitude towards me from U can make me so fed up, that's mean I care about wanting to make u happy rather den keep having attitude towards me..I have tried many ways to please u and not wanting u to be angry over such matter..
Not every couple have millions of words to say or ways to please..some will have the guy who will be more reserved, some will be the gal that is more reserved..Some guy does not know the way of pleasing a girl and some girl will not be so easily be angry...

Sometimes I know that U will keep saying qi hua, therefore I will have my own sacarstic way of telling u off..Maybe that is my fault too, if u still insist of putting it in that way..

But by now, u should know the harsh words(which u mean is qi hua) that u say to me..Compare to what I say to u in sacarstic way is so far far away..I know both of us will surely have our own say and story, but what u should know is that i am those type who will say reasons..And maybe as this is my character, this also play a part in the downfall of this relationship..I dun blame U..I can only bless u..Is not like what u are thinking that I am playing bad guy..Is not really..Dun assume ok..

Afterall, this 6 months plus together, we have some happy times,and some sad times also..We have many quarrel, but whenever we quarrel,we will get back to normal also..And whenever we quarrel, I will play the role of consuellor as I only want u to change for the better as I does not want u to be always angry over such small trival matter...Maybe u will be thinking of ways of how to reasons my words after u have read my this post..But the character is urs..I know I cannot change ur character.. saying that I dun love u, is really a false call..In this 6 month plus, I really love u alot..or can put it this way, from a little love that developed into a big love towards u..I have already set my heart on u..And will wan to give u whatever I can give..But in the end, I does not know that we will end just like this..As u should know that after my last relationship, every heart grow more mature, I will learn how to think, and U should know I already told u so many times that it is the maturity of me that make me dun feel as sad as the last relationship..so even if u wan to be angry, I know i does not have the rights to interfer with..

From the day, i knew u to the date that we are together, it look like it is only in a blink..I do really enjoy ur company..But u should know, not every relationship will be a smooth ride..There will surely be obstacle in front of u..It is up to both of us to try to solve..We did try to solve many problems..But in the end, i think this incident really ends it all..I think by now, U should now what I really wan, as My stand is simple..I just only wan an apology from u..and that will solve the matter..but somehow or rather, i know as a headharded character, it is difficult to say "sorry"..I still remember what a uncle told me..He say that in this working environment, the strongest word is "sorry"...Just admit that whoever is wrong wun die..am I correct..

But is ok now..Just hope that u will not be further angered by my post..I just really wanna u to know How and what I am feeling..Hopefully, there is still a chance to save this relationship..If not, I will wish u all the best for the future..And thanks for the 6 enjoyable months together..

*Dun be angry ok... Every one have his or her own story....
Shall end the post here..That is for it now..ByeBye..And Take care..

I will always love you eventhough it's not easy to love you;
because I will always do.

Thursday, June 12, 2008 | 12:17 AM

Hello..!! I am back..The last post of mine is about 9 days back... And Today is my 22nd Birthday..Wishing myself a happy birthday..hahas..

Spend my whole Birthday eve with my dearest Esther dear dear...We travelled ard in our car...Shall track back to the time that I got my car...

5th June 2008

On that day, waited dear dear at YCK Mrt station, before heading to AMK Hub for our meal...After that, went to play taiwanese style game at the paisa malem... Spend almost 30 bucks ..But we won something useful that I feel sastifield with..=)

The things that we won..and some pictures taken..

Receive the call from my car agent that I will be getting my KIA Picanto on the 6th June 2008.. Feel extremely excited about it...

6th June 2008

After my night shift, the next day had a nap and in the evening, travelled to Jurong Pandan Garden to get my vehicle along with bernard..

My car and Bernard Car

After i get the car, head down to fetch dear dear at her office.. But dear dear need to wait so long for me as I was unable to find my way to YCK ...We had our dinner at chacoal and after that went to watch Kungfu Panda

Kungfu panda is really a good show..Is worth my 8.5/10 recommendation...Even though I am almost asleep, I am still able to laugh out..hahas..

7th June 2008

Dear Dear plan to treat me a meal at Sizzler, which is located at suntec city. Therefore, drove our way to Suntec..And walk ard together and ate our dinner at Sizzler..

This is the first time I had eaten Sizzler..It is worthy of the price, as you just only need to order one set meal which cost ard 22 to 28 bucks, u can eat all the available buffet over there...

After we had our meal, head down to Yishun dam...Have our own time facing the sea is a superb feeling..Dear dear den pass to me the self made card from her and present for my 22nd birthday.. The card is so nice that I decide to put it in my car so that I can see it everytime.. It is so thoughtful of dear to make the card.. And one thing for sure, dear sure have art talent..=) After that, we head down to bottle tree village...which is somewhere near sembawang park..

The gift that I received from Dear Dear

The first pre birthday celebration was done on the 7th of june, while the 2nd one is on the 11 th June.. Dear dear had took leave on that day to celebrate my birthday..

11 June 2008

Went to pick up dear dear at her home, and head to AMK for a K Box session.. Has been long since I had sang...Last time was at Taiwan.. Sang K-Lunch which is 3 hours plus long and after that head down to Novena Square to have a walk..Brought Donut Factory, and dear dear brought my birthday cake there too...

Took alot of pictures... In K b0x and In the Car..

Is already 0139 hrs man..I am so tireed now...Ok..picture speak a thousand words... All I can say is that I am really treasuring what I have now..Hopefully we will not quarrel frequently and I will always love U..=) That's all for now..Bye Bye..

I will always love you eventhough it's not easy to love you;
because I will always do.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008 | 11:33 AM


Times really filies so fast..And it has been 6th month since we are in a relationship..Go back time...22/09/2007.. The date when I met my dear at MRT station...Whereas we are not really known to each other..Somehow or rather, we managed to talk to each other...29/09/2007...The first time we went to K box...And subsequently, we are known to each other and began our friendship...

Fast forward.... 1/12/2007...The date where as we are officially together..=)

Fast forward... 1/06/2008 ... The date we are 6th month together...

Fast Forward.. Many many many more years....

Dear Dear.. Even though our 6th month annivesary, I gave u only a carebear and a card, but i know u will still be ever happy, because the one that I will give u the most is my love towards you...I love U always..=)

Recently, have been either I am suay or I am lucky..Haha..Has been deploy for an event that require me to do static duty..However end up fall into a 3m high drain and cause me to have bruises and scratches all over my body..=( Should be I suay lah... Stand on the drain, the drain will also give way and I fell into the drain together...At that point of time, I thought the drain will be lead to the ground, because the drain is on top of the rooftop..Luckly for me , is only 3 m high..

The images of the drain..Before N After...

Yesterday just went outing with my team member at Marina Square Seoul Garden...Partly is becos Xiao mei is leaving the team and also for the promotees celebration.. All of us turn up..And we ate to our fill.. I also cannot remember when is the last time, I had seoul garden..But anyway, I ate quite alot yesterday..Hahas....=P After our fulfuilling meal, chit chat outside the seoul garden before heading to the Singapore FLyers....

We walk our way to the Singapore Flyers.... Reach there, brought the ticket for SGD $29.50, compare to the taiwan Miramar which only cost me SGD $5.50... Then, we head to the flyer as if we are heading towards the plane...Go through security checks and scanning, before we are able to go in..There is a number of checkpoints also..hahas...

Capture the beautiful images of Singapore... The trip last about 30 mins.. Which mean every minute cost around $1 bucks...

After we had our tour, chit chatting session again, before heading back home by a cab..

I know after reading this blog post, my dear dear will be angry.. She will be thinking that I went to the singapore flyers without her.. But dear, dun worry.. We are in Singapore.. Hahas..the flyer will always be there for us..hahas.. So once I get my vehicle, we can go there ok..=) .. But the ticket kind of expensive ..Haha...

That's for all my update for now...Bye.>!

I will always love you eventhough it's not easy to love you;
because I will always do.